• Highly Efficient

    360SonicBrush cleaning technique will completely remove any kinds of contamination in less than 1 minute!

  • Brush Sharing

    Share the brush with whole family! All you need is one 360SonicBrush and extra Mouth tray to share with a family.

  • Elegant Design

    360 Sonic Brush has one of the cleanest design that is comfortable to hold and use.

360 Sonic Brush

Not an ordinary toothbrush! World's first toothbrush that actually cleans every-part of your teeth at once. The 360 Sonic Brush cleaning technique will completely remove any sort of contamination in less than 2 minutes!

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Ultrasound Cleaning

New easy and relaxing way to clean your tooth. No more hard brushes and hurting your gums. The 360 Sonic Brush uses ultra vibrations to clean teeth vibrating over 10,000 times per minute.

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