360 Sonic Brush

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What is 360SonicBrush? 
Well in few words it's your personal robot dentist that takes care of your teeth and your gums. Get your robot dentist now.


Highly Efficient
The 360SonicBrush cleaning technique will completely remove any kinds of contamination in less than 1 minute!
In addition, the antibacterial effect helps to recover a healthy oral flora. Ultra vibration has been proven to eliminate all kinds of germs.

Ultrasonic Vibrations
Brush makes over 15,000 vibration in a minute, helping you to get rid of all contamination. There is 3 different modes of the 360 Sonic Brush so you can take advantage of cleaning, massaging and whitening. Pick your mode and 360 Sonic toothbrush will do the rest.

Easy Cleaning
Just like a regular toothbrush it is easy to use but this brush has new ultra vibration system with simple 3 step process of cleaning.

Product Health Inspection
The mouth tray is made out of extra soft premium silicone for maximum comfort during the brushing.


  • Waterproof : IPX7 Rated (full waterproof)
  • 100% Food-Grade premium silicone
  • Weight : 120 Gram
  • Charging : Comes with charging station and Micro USB
  • Battery capacity: 450 mAh
What's Included
  • 360 Sonicbrush
  • Charging Pad
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
How To Use

Place battery capsule on charging pad. The light indicator on the 360SonicBrush will illuminate once the contact is made. Insert one end of USB cable to charging pad and the other to a USB power source to charge completely.
Light indicator will turn off once the device is fully charged. Charging time is 90 minutes. Full charge lasts for 15x uses.
Note: Make sure your toothbrush is completely dry when charging on docking station to prevent battery circuit damage!

Run few drops of foaming toothpaste on top and bottom of mouth piece from one end to the other. Insert the mouth piece into your mouth.
If you are using regular toothpaste, put some toothpaste on the top and bottom and spread it around once you insert it in your mouth.
Note: Move your brush left and right during the session for deeper cleaning

Press button in the middle on front face of battery capsule. Brush will automatically vibrate starting with "sensitive mode"
"Depp cleaning" mode- press 2x - 45 sec timer
"Gum massaging" - press 3x - 45 sec timer
"Whitening" mode- press 4x - 10 min timer
"Long press" to turn off the automatic toothbrush
Note: Pair the built-in LED blue light with whitening gel for deeper whitening

Remove mouth piece from mouth, spit and rinse once done.
Rinse the mouth tray with hot water. 360 Sonic Brush is IP7X rated waterproof.
Note: Head needs to be replaced every three months

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