360 Sonic Brush Pro
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What is 360SonicBrush?

Well, in a few words, it's your personal robot dentist that takes care of your teeth and your gums. 4 Different modes that will suit everyone. 


Deep Cleaning

Gum Massaging

Teeth Whitening

360° Coverage

U-Shaped mouth piece covers your teeth 360° without missing a spot.

Teeth Whitening

Built-in 15-minute whitening mode will get you fastest whitening results.

Sonic Vibrations

48,000 vibrations per minute are blasting the plaque with one of the fastest motor.

FDA Approved

Mouth tray is made out of premium soft silicone for comfort during the brushing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use it if I have braces?

Yes, the silicone bristles are extra soft, and it won't damage your braces. Just as with a regular toothbrush, additional flossing is recommended.

Q: Is there different sizes for the brush?

All adult brushes have the same size mouthpiece. The ultra-flexible silicone of the mouthpiece adapts to rows of teeth of all sizes.

Q: Brush approved by FDA?

Yes, our 360SonicBrush is approved by the FDA.

Q: How long does the mouthpiece lasts?

Mouthpiece usually lasts up to 3-4 months per regular use(2-3x daily).

Q: Where does the brush ships from?

All of our 360 Sonicare products are shipped from our warehouse located in Illinois.


Kerri Smith

We love our 360 Sonic Brushes. They are comfortable and fun way to brush and whiten your teeth.

Ava Thomson

Amazing toothbrush that has teeth whitening mode integrated. I am surprised by the whitening result.

James Miller

My go-to toothbrush. This unique brush is fantastic looking and does an excellent job!

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